The Importance of Properly Managing a Sprinkler System
Posted by denversprinklermaint, 02/28/2018 8:17 am

An in-ground sprinkler system is one of the best ways to keep a lawn vibrant and healthy during the warm, dry summer months. Although these systems don't require much maintenance, if the proper steps aren't taken before cold weather hits, the exposed components can freeze first before extended periods of cold work their way to the underground pipes. When all is said and done, a homeonwer's property might require serious Sprinkler repair in Denver before it can function properly again.

Don't Skimp on Winter Preparation

Winterizing a sprinkler system is very important for those who live in climates where the winter weather dips below freezing. As with a home that doesn't have the proper insulation for it's internal plumbing system, the outdoor water pipes can freeze and eventually burst if exposed to frigid temperatures for too long. On top of this, components that sit above the ground, such as the back flow, can sustain freeze damage to the valve mechanisms which results in massive water leakage from the working parts when the system is turned back on. Basically, the system will be virtually useless until a repair technician can arrive, access the overall damage, and start the repair process.

Bring in Professionals Before Problems Compound

When spring hits, homeowners who forgot to winterize their system will benefit greatly from calling an expert technician to examine and test the sprinklers before starting it up for the season. These individuals have the experience to identify components that might have sustained damage and will know exactly what to replace in order to avoid damaging other areas if the water is turned on too soon. If the water is turned on before damaged elements are repaired, the system will fail to function at full capacity while areas of the system that were in fine working order may wind up under excessive stress.

Maintenance Keeps Everything Flowing Smoothly

To avoid the damage and complications that come with freezing temperatures, homeowners can look to companies specializing in sprinkler maintenance Denver. This service runs throughout the year and begins when a technician visits in the spring to slowly turn the water on while also checking each sprinkler station for proper rotation and pressure. Once everything is running smoothly, the technician can make periodic visits throughout the warm months to ensure the system is running at full capacity and no outside factors have hindered performance. At the end of the summer, the system receives a winterizing treatment through the introduction of compressed air into the water lines, effectively driving all of the excess moisture out of the pipes and sprinkler heads. As the weather turns cold, the system is devoid of water and therefore, pipes cannot burst.

Getting the Most For Your Money

Investing in a sprinkler maintenance plan extends the life span of the entire system by several years. Failing to service the system, especially before winter, can wind up costing the homeowner more money in repairs than what the preservation of their lawn is worth.

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